A Story About Uber Driver Larry

Here is a dynamite story from Kim, a mentor and fellow Business and Executive Coach. In her own words, by permission. Read more


I don’t get to do all that much, but I love to travel and I love excitement.  So, I’m enamored with Atlanta’s Spaghetti Junction.  With my recent forays into hang gliding and glider lessons.  And flying in general.  These things are edgy.  They give me a sense of freedom, but they are DANGE-ER-OUS! Read more

Inner Attributes of a Prized Leader

A “prized leader” is a leader who enjoys 360 degree respect and operates from an unselfish mindset.

Respect does not necessarily require likeability or agreement, although those certainly can be likely enhancers. Respect is not synonymous with submission or obedience. Read more

The View from This Side of the Table: The Leader and the Led

Differences of opinion are nothing new. Differences of points of view between a leader and someone they lead is also nothing new. The question is…how does a leader most efficiently approach an issue that stands between her and the one that she’s attempting to lead? Read more

Needed: Principled Leadership

Which is more important: principle or expediency? Think through that question while join me into this excursion with leaders.

Although I listen to a fair amount of political discussion, I seldom write of it. But in the last few days, with the election cycle heating up in anticipation of fall mid-term elections, I am becoming increasingly dismayed by the opportunistic motivations that seep out from between the lines of public rhetoric. Read more

Leadership: Winning or Succeeding?

Does one “win” at leadership or “succeed” at leadership? Is there a difference? In answering the question, let’s first look at some differences in the two words. Read more

Never Too Late?

It’s something you’ve wanted all your life. Time has slipped away. You’ve never pulled the trigger on your dream. Pride or despair, perhaps, has kept you from reaching out for the resources that were within reach. It now seems hopeless. Read more

Why Do I Need You?

It’s a conundrum…we want a sense of well-being, but naturally (for most of us) resist accountability. I witnessed a perfect picture of this antipathy just this morning.

I was sitting in church taking Papa responsibilities for my 7 and 4 year old male grandchildren. Nathaniel, the 7 y.o., has a quieter personality, somewhat reflective and tends towards compliance. James, on the other hand, to misquote Bill Cosby, came out of his mother with running cleats on his feet, a cigar in his mouth and a crown on his head…at a mocking slant. Read more

Personality assessments have become standard fair in the Human Resources and Coaching world, the number of such assessments exploding more every year. Still, some in the Jewish and Christian traditions feel that those tools are too self-focused and therefore, somehow undermining the desired theocentric focus of their lives. Read more

Christmas Leadership Principles

What Do Jonathan Gruber, Osama Bin Laden, Steve Jobs and Jesus Have in Common?

Programs and projects can sometimes be better understood, especially in terms of principles and operations by better understanding the designer. Recent times have given us such widely diverse examples as Jonathan Gruber, Angie Hicks, Osama Bin Laden, Billy Graham and Steve Jobs. Read more