Meet Gary

A Little About Myself

After 30 years of mentoring, coaching (both business and personal), and training, all as a part of his responsibilities as a pastor, healthcare administrator, and entrepreneur, Gary Hedges knew it was time to focus on that which is his calling.

Functioning under the legal umbrella of Hedges and Associates, Inc., Gary achieved recognition as a Certified Master Coach by the American Association of Christian Counselors. As a Founding Partner of The John Maxwell team, he is also certified by Maxwell as a coach, trainer, and speaker. The certification by John Maxwell allows Gary to fully utilize many of John’s books and training materials to coach, train, and speak.

Gary’s desire is always to add value and, ultimately, to see the vision and goals of client corporations and individual clients aligned with God’s purposes.

In addition to the U.S., Gary’s speaking has allowed him to take the stage in Japan, South Korea, and the Caribbean. He has been on the stage before churches, associations, corporate functions, and international assemblies. Gary’s speeches always bring value to the audience and, when asked, he has the desirable ability to transform an otherwise standard speech into a vehicle for the delivery of a corporately designed message. Gary’s bio is available as an insert and in an expanded version.

Gary’s expert corporate training is laser-focused to accomplish the designs of the Senior Leadership Team. His seminars and MasterMinds groups address issues designed to enhance the professional’s outcomes.

Coaching is a passion of Gary’s. Clients can range from small business owners to C-level executives who understand the need for outside observation, help in defining vision, goals, and desired outcomes, and have accountability to retain focus.


  • Husband, father, grandfather
  • Pastor
  • Healthcare Administrator
  • Entrepreneur


  • A.B. from Asbury College (now University)
  • M.S. from Indiana State University

Global Exposure

  • Has lived on 4 continents
  • In addition to the U.S., has taken the stage in Korea, Japan, and the Caribbean
  • Founding Partner of the John Maxwell Team


  • Served in the Navy, National Guard (IN and VA), and the Army Reserve
  • Retired (MAJ USA). Branch: Adjutant General. Sub-Specialty: Public Affairs.
  • Currently holds a position as Chaplain (Lt. Col.) in the Civil Air Patrol (USAF Auxiliary)

Primary Focus

  • Executives, Senior Leadership Teams, and Business Owners

Secondary Focus

  • Parties in conflict and Individuals in change