Training / Workshops / Seminars

Training / Workshops / Seminars

Training is the act of increasing the skill of an individual, or group of individuals, for doing a particular activity. It comprises a basic concept in corporate human resource development.

Training differs from teaching which is simply the imparting of information, although most of the time the two functions can be engaged in simultaneously or in tandem.

Both training and teaching differ from coaching which endeavors to provide accountability for applying the information and skills developed to the point of sustainability. It can also incorporate the identification of obstacles to achieving the end goals of teaching and training as well as the means of overcoming those obstacles.

Examples of training offered by Gary Hedges and Associates involve:

  • Mentoring
  • Productive Teams
  • Leadership Principles
  • Management Principle
  • Focusing Vision
  • Organizational Integrity
  • Organizational Trust

Once the specific deficit is identified, our firm can develop specific skill training designed to overcome the weakness, creating “muscle memory” for success in facing the challenge.